Monday, 16 May 2011


Ok so this photo is a little to much for facebook and tumblr but as i have hardly anyone on my blog i thought i share with myself and emma :P haha, i adore this photo not only because its my boyfriend and we are both nude, but the fact.. Its so natural my hair isnt done i have no makeup on his hair isnt done and  its just beautiful <3 i think it really captures the true meaning of love and id post it on facebook but i know id get a million comments on it, its crappy quailty but i really love this photo!, for me to be this comfortable in front of someone to let him see me with  no make up curly hair and no clothes really Tells , he means alot! more then a boyfriend, kinda like a bestfriend you get to kiss and cuddle!, just thought id speak my mind, :) <3

Beauty obessed :)

the top picture is myself the flash took out my nose but , Ohmygosh iam becoming addicted to hair nail polish fashion make up like argh i wanna become a beauty guru on youtube but... i wanna get all my stuff set up frist i currently watch meganheartsmakeup and alltheglitter21 but omg! iam in love atm i get paided and just send it all on foundation beaded braclets nail polish Lol, iam exicited because iam soon going to be start the acadamy of make up school in brisbane it is like 10 grand but Omg i wanna be a make up artist more then anything :) just though id share with you my obession :) <3

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Well somebody went shopping :)

ok these's are just some crappy pictures cause iam kinda trying to get ready for work haha <3 so this is what i have done in my room so far , and i bought a fish hahahah :) this is near my louge there like side tables and the beach theme and my fairy lights ill upload some more tonight if i have time


soo.. iam a little excited, i have swapped rooms i now have my own make up room and my own bedroom as my big brother has moved in with his girlfriend YES! thanks jayden.. so my make up room is also the spare room but whatever no one sleep over anyways. Lol its pink cause it was my old bedroom and my new room the biggest room in the house i might add is blue iam decorating it , beach theme so tommmorow iam going to orion yet again addicted i swear and buying drift wood shells flowers fairy lights and anything cute and beachy i can find to make my room look amazing, i do sadly need a new tv and dvd player but oh well and i sadly have to work tommorow after noon but i shall be uploding pictures when its all pretty :) iam just raving cause i have a blog spot now haha , so keep posted if you wanna see my room update :) <3


So next to introduce is obviosuly , her romeo... hes more then amazing and could brighten any girls day, sometimes id even offer him to my friends just to make them happy, i could write a novel about how cute and sweet he is but i dont wanna sicken you all, so check him out but please dont drool :) <3  as let me just mention he rides motorbikes (Jizz!)

Introducing Kaylee couture :)

well this is my first blog :) so i decied to let you all know who the hell i am :) with pictures above , Lol, iam 19 and deeply in love , as are we all at this age, my blog is going to be about basically a day in the life as kaylee might not be intresting as some would wish but i do like to think of little laced pretty faced as my new online dairy :) hope you guys all enjoy and thanks for freinding :)