Wednesday, 11 May 2011


soo.. iam a little excited, i have swapped rooms i now have my own make up room and my own bedroom as my big brother has moved in with his girlfriend YES! thanks jayden.. so my make up room is also the spare room but whatever no one sleep over anyways. Lol its pink cause it was my old bedroom and my new room the biggest room in the house i might add is blue iam decorating it , beach theme so tommmorow iam going to orion yet again addicted i swear and buying drift wood shells flowers fairy lights and anything cute and beachy i can find to make my room look amazing, i do sadly need a new tv and dvd player but oh well and i sadly have to work tommorow after noon but i shall be uploding pictures when its all pretty :) iam just raving cause i have a blog spot now haha , so keep posted if you wanna see my room update :) <3

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