Monday, 16 May 2011


Ok so this photo is a little to much for facebook and tumblr but as i have hardly anyone on my blog i thought i share with myself and emma :P haha, i adore this photo not only because its my boyfriend and we are both nude, but the fact.. Its so natural my hair isnt done i have no makeup on his hair isnt done and  its just beautiful <3 i think it really captures the true meaning of love and id post it on facebook but i know id get a million comments on it, its crappy quailty but i really love this photo!, for me to be this comfortable in front of someone to let him see me with  no make up curly hair and no clothes really Tells , he means alot! more then a boyfriend, kinda like a bestfriend you get to kiss and cuddle!, just thought id speak my mind, :) <3

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